Wedding Photography For The Groom

Wedding photography isn’t all about just the bride.

wedding photographyThe groom is very important too. Having a groom look well in your wedding photography is a great plus to the wedding pictures. Remember, weddings involve two people and can’t proceed with the absence of one. Same is true with wedding photography. As such, it is important that the groom knows how to pose and act for the wedding photography. No groom wants to look awkward in the wedding photos. Finding the right pose for the groom is imperative. There many poses a groom opt to take for the wedding photography. With that being said, here are a few which the man of honor can do.

It would be best to start your wedding photography slowly.

Don’t make the groom do a headstand in the first shot. Try something simple and easy. An easy pose for the groom is the stand-up straight shot. There really is nothing hard about this pose. In this pose, the groom will be made to look in the camera with a big smile while he is standing up. This is a great starting pose to let the groom get comfortable with the camera. Plus, solo shots of the groom smiling make great additions to any wedding album. Another great simple solo shot for your groom is having him sit on a couch or stool and look off in to the distance. This is great when you are going for a dramatic look for your wedding photography. A bonus is there is zero percent chance of a groom failing this shot. A variation of this shot would be the groom standing up, leaning against the wall or balcony, looking anywhere but the camera. To spice it up, make the groom weave his fingers through his hair. This shot would make the bride love him even more. Another great pose for your groom is the one where he is fixing his wedding clothes. Wedding photography involves all aspect of the wedding, this includes the preparation stage. Get the groom to adjust his cufflinks or fumble with his tie and snap a picture of him doing it. Don’t forget to catch the facial expression he is making while he is doing this.

The next pose for the groom which you could try is him crossing his arms and staring intently at the camera with his signature smirk.

Why is this a really great pose? This shows his confidence as a person. He knows he is awesome and he isn’t afraid of showing it. This is a great pose to try out and will make a good portrait afterwards. Your groom will feel like a fashion model in this pose. The last pose you can make your groom do is no pose at all. To clarify, no pose means to capture the groom doing candid things like laughing with his friends or embracing his parents. Here you want to capture the rawness of his human emotions. This is what wedding photography is all about, capturing human emotions on film. Giving the bride a picture of her husband laughing casually or smiling will surely make her heart flutter. If this happens, you have successfully created amazing wedding photography of the groom.

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