Unconventional Ways To Save Money On The Wedding

School venues can be economical and beautiful.

wedding photography LancashireOne thing that probably hasn’t popped up in your options or one thing that you probably haven’t really thought about the possibility of booking your wedding in a school or university location and this is why you ought to think about it as much as you possibly can. Some of the schools out there have been around for quite a while now and they have this old place feel or vibe which can really turn out to be charming for the kind of wedding that you have in mind so far. If you are planning to have a really nice and grand type of wedding but you don’t have the kind of money to spend out any amount of money for a traditional type of wedding venue, then a school or campus setting can actually work out best for you and for what you are trying to pull off at the end of the day. If you are lucky and if you happen to be an alumna of the school, they probably won’t ask you for anything more than for a basic donation which makes quite a difference in how your budget for the wedding rolls over because the venue normally eats up 25% or more of the main wedding budget. It can make for great wedding photography Lancashire material too.

Restaurant receptions are the bomb.

When you come to think about it, restaurants actually have the perfect setting. They are ready for an eat out type of session. They have all of the tables, plates, cutlery, and even the ambiance down pat and they don’t have to cart anything off from one place to another. Some places will even charge you only for the actual amount of food that you are consuming because that is how restaurants are set to function in the first place. It saves you tons of money compared to having to hire out a catering service. While you are mapping out the menu , make sure that you include the people you are hiring out for wedding photography Lancashire and your other vendors for the wedding as well. They need to be fed in order for them to be in their best condition during the day of the wedding.

Work on diversifying the menu.

Don’t stick to just the usual selection of chicken and fish. You need to be a little more diversified and open minded than that. There are a lot of options out there and you just need to be open to them. Have a special meal plan set out for vendors like your wedding photography Lancashire professionals and the like.

A courthouse wedding isn’t a bad idea.

Just because you don’t want to opt for a church wedding, it doesn’t mean that you are letting go for something charming and romantic altogether. Church houses are actually quite charming and they are set up to cater to weddings in general and you ought to consider this. It saves a lot of money and it simply means that you have a lot left for the wedding reception and of course, the honeymoon!

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