Common Challenges of a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer EssexDo you want to become a wedding photographer Essex? It is a very good thing that you seek out the challenges of the job and come here. Or maybe you just happen to notice the title, but either way, it is a good thing for you and you’re about to know why.

Challenges are called so because many others who tried failed when faced with them. After reading this, you will know them and can prepare to face them when you begin your wedding photographer career. Or perhaps, you may come to a conclusion that, no, this job isn’t meant for you!

Expectations at the perfect level

You will never meet a client that is okay with you doing the job wrong. The demand for your service is always perfect; lower than that, your client will not be satisfied. But being perfect is not part of being human.

Well, in reality, there is always something that your client will not be happy about. When you choose the pictures that you want to include. You often consider how you want to give more, but want to withhold the ones that you don’t think live up to the standard. Torn between the two, you may exclude too many pictures, or include the one or two pictures that don’t look as good.

Yet, all you can do is do your best in every job that is given to you. Next is how you handle with ‘I wish this looked like this….’ and ‘Gosh, I think you missed something.’.

Carry everything

You never know what you will need in a wedding. To be more exact, you never know when something is going to happen to prompt you to use that particular gear. Well, you need to carry a wide variety of lenses to begin with, which are very heavy already.

But for a wedding photographer Essex, it’s all to achieve pictures quality like those at Both zoom and prime lenses of various focuses are useful in capturing various pictures. Whether you’re capturing moving or still subjects, these are the two lenses that you will always have to carry.

And don’t forget that you need to also carry substitute gears, such as an extra camera, battery and memory card.

Dealing with guests

During the course of your career, you will be working in an environment filled with various guests. And just like every party, there are always people eager to take pictures of everything, because everything is serious.

All is good until they start blocking your view and including their smartphones in the pictures. When will you ever gain the right angle to capture the moment? You are then pressured to stand at the most front, even though the best angle isn’t there. But it is better than having 3 extra smartphones in the picture.

A lot of photographers find themselves feeling frustrated by this. They cannot get mad at the guests, but they also need to be bold to get the picture. Rushing in through the crowd is also not a polite thing to do. Not like them holding up their cameras a good thing to you either.

So, as a wedding photographer Essex, are you ready to face these challenges?

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