4 Effective Tips for Wedding Photographers

melbourne wedding photographyAs a budding wedding photographer, nothing is better than the four effective tips you’re going to see today. These tips are great for guiding you towards improving yourself continuously and they’ll even last for a very long time.

1. Talk, talk, talk

The problem with lots of photographers is their lack of interest in their clients. This is due to the fact that photographers are mostly quiet and do not talk a lot. They also prefer to work behind the lens rather than confronting people. But, social skill is the next most important thing after your photographic skills.

Being able to talk to others and ask them what they think about their wedding is great in helping you aligning your job with their vision. You also need to know about people who are close to them and get along with them. The purpose is to eliminate gap and awkwardness when you need to take their pictures. Especially during the group pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen, everyone needs to be along with each other and photographer has to be able to communicate well to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

2. Prepare carefully

Melbourne wedding photography is different from other kinds of photography in terms of time spent with your client. The most wedding lasts for a day, starting from early morning dress-up session to the last dance in the evening.

As such, you need to be prepared to work for the day and make sure that all your gears can fully operate till nighttime. Check the battery of all your gears. Make sure they are all full and will be able to operate for the whole session.

Bring extra gears, such as camera, memory cards, and batteries, in case of errors. You need to be able to keep rolling the pictures even when your cameras break down or the battery runs out.

The night before, check that all of them are in your bag, so you can set out in the morning without much hassle.

3. Train your creativity

Yes, creativity can be practiced. Learn how to practice it and keep coming up with new ideas and poses. It’s important to not use the same pose too many times. It’ll become overused and clients won’t appreciate it very much.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. Find another hobby in photography. Incorporate this in your Melbourne wedding photography to produce unique wedding pictures. For examples, miniatures wedding pictures, astrophotography with wedding photography, or light painting.

Practice them beforehand. Don’t practice when you’re about to take real wedding pictures because you will be wasting a lot of time trying to get it right.

4. Learn from others

This is especially true for those who just began their career. Work as the assistant of other professional wedding photographers. You’ll get to learn lots of things and build a portfolio for yourself. This is still important even after you’ve established a Melbourne wedding photography business.

Attending and registering into organizations such as SWPP will help you train and learn from other fellow wedding photographers. You will also be able to show to your clients what you’ve achieved and the training you’ve received to prove your capability.

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