How to Do a Lifestyle Newborn Photography

newborn photography CalgaryAs a newborn photographer who just started his business, getting asked to do a lifestyle newborn photography Calgary could be a challenge. However, it shouldn’t be something that you think impossible to do for now nor should it be hard. If you follow our quick guide, you’ll be able to become a professional in lifestyle in no time.

The first phase is to scout the place where you will take pictures at. In this case, you need to scout the house of the client’s because that’s where they typically want their baby’s pictures taken at. The purpose of scouting is to check whether the place they chose is going to be an easy place to take pictures at. There are several things to consider.

First is the amount of natural light that enters the house.

The easier it is to see things clearly even without turning any lamp on during the day, the better it is. You need as much natural light because artificial lighting will not create better pictures and are generally bad for the baby’s eyes. Open the windows, doors or anything that allows natural light to come into the room.

Second would be the room’s condition. This one can be subjective depending on the client’s preferences. It is best to have the pictures taken in rooms that are well cared of and has a good background. The standard background would be a plain wall with one or two colors. Any photographer will want to use the nursery and master bedroom for the session but do make sure it is well-lit.

Additionally, you can learn about taking pictures in lifestyle mode from a professional newborn photography Calgary provider such as Experience is the best teacher but working with someone who has done it professionally for years will fasten your learning process.

The third thing to think of is the prop that you have to bring.

The great thing about lifestyle photography, though, is that you don’t have to think much about using props. The house itself is a place that clients want to see clearly in the pictures as it makes the memory even more precious. When you bring the props, you can discuss with parents if they want to use it or not.

If you don’t think they will like it, don’t hesitate to abandon it and move on with your next idea. That is why it is important that you come up with backup plans for every lifestyle session in case that the parents want something different. There is also a chance for the baby to not be able to use the prop.

Lastly, in a newborn photography Calgary, if doing it at the client’s house does not seem like a great idea, suggest something in exchange for it. For example, a friend’s house you know will do great for the session or change it to a formal session instead. Since being able to scout the location means the client still have time to think, remind them to make the decision before the baby arrives.

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