Is Two Really Better than One? Ask the Wedding Photographer Surrey

wedding photographers SurreyOne thing about your wedding day you should take seriously is your wedding photos. Wedding photos are something you would peruse forever because they are like storages that keep moments that happened at a significant period of your life. To make this happen is just by getting the right wedding photographer Surrey.

We all know that during your wedding, a lot of moments are captured and maybe hiring just one wedding photographer might not do justice to this. So if I were in your shoes, I would consider getting another wedding photographer. How about hiring a photo booth for your wedding day?

How about the reasons why you need to hire two wedding photographers for your big day? I’ll briefly explain them

When you have lots of guests at the reception of your wedding

It’s totally impossible for one wedding photographer to capture all the memorable events that happen at the wedding reception. This is because there would be lots of guests and he cannot be everywhere at once to capture everything. So one thing a wedding photographer would suggest is getting an assistant photographer that would help the main wedding photographer capture all the fun moments. This makes the work a bit easier on the wedding photographer and an advantage for the couples at the wedding.

Budget for only one professional wedding photographer

Well sometimes couples may have limited budget for only one professional photographer who may even be shooting for a limited time. So at this point, an assistant photographer, such as a photo booth can do justice to capturing more wedding exciting moments that the other wedding photographer could not capture. Amazing right?

When you want different photography styles: if you’re the kind of couple that want a mixture of photography styles in your wedding album, then getting two wedding photographers would be a perfect way of exploring different photography styles. While the other may be using the traditional style of photography, the other may be using the fine art style of photography. All the same as far as them both turn out to something you would love then it’s all good.

When you want themed wedding photos

Apart from your wedding photographers capturing beautiful moments of your wedding day. You could still make your wedding day memorable in other ways. One of those ways is using themed photography. How can this be achieved? Hiring a second wedding photographer Surrey, maybe a photo booth can give you the desired outcome of having themed photos. Besides it’s a more interesting and fun filled way of capturing a lot of moments from your friends and family.

When you need to capture events from two locations

Hiring two photographers becomes very essential when it comes to covering events happening from two locations. What this means is that as at the time of the wedding preparations, the bride and groom may be at different locations and you definitely need two different photographers to take photo shoots of them from different locations.

Hiring two photographers should be based on what you really want your wedding portraits to look like and should also depend on your budget. If as a couple spending an extra cash would not be very favourable then I would suggest you stick with one wedding photographer. However, if that is not the case then getting two different wedding photographers should do justice to your wedding photos.

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