5 Failures Your Essex Wedding Photographer Wants to Avoid!

Essex wedding photographerWe’ve seen those funny videos of couples failing at their wedding photography. It’s not that their Essex wedding photographer sucks at taking pictures; they didn’t plan it well enough! Others could have done better had they known that they are following a dangerous ideas/inspiration.

Many brides are captivated by the beautiful and romantic pictures they see on Pinterest, Instagram, and many other platforms. It’s probably their dream to recreate the scene with their very own wedding. It’s only taking a wedding picture, what could go wrong?

Oh, if only they had known.

1. Pinterest trap

Those sites filled with amazing and gorgeous wedding pictures rarely come with guides on how they took the shot. Nor did they tell you if the models are professional if the special equipment was put in place and if there was any CGI or Photoshop edit taking place.

It was only a picture to captivate you, not an example of how your wedding pictures should look like. Follow at your own risk!

2. Safety check

We often see couples taking pictures around places that do not look as safe as they thought it is. Maybe because many other people took the pictures at the same place. Maybe you just wanted to do something different for once in your life.

What’s even worse is when you invite your squad onto that rickety bridge. It cracks and squeaks under you, but you thought it was normal. Seconds before you fell into the water, your photographer was ready and snapped not before you fell, but as you fell into the water.

Well, it’s certainly something different. Betcha won’t try that in your life anymore.

3. Shotlist problem

A professional Essex wedding photographer from Justin Bailey Photography told us that a shotlist is probably the best and worst idea any client can come up with. Justin Bailey is a professional photographer and has worked on hundreds of wedding parties. Some clients are just very careful with their preparation and it’s, to be honest, normal for them to be really precise down to what their photographer has to take pictures of.

But Justin also wishes for everyone to realizes that it’s best to not do that! The job of a professional isn’t fixed to keeping an eye on every single item in the list, but on the party that is happening before him. Distractions like a shotlist will really make them unable to take the shot they need to!

4. Trendy pictures

Everyone is always swept away by the trends wedding photographers are making. They also want the same pictures as those couples had. Until 20 years later, they look back and tell themselves that it was such a waste of time and feels embarrassed about it.

If you hire a good wedding photographer, you can avoid this.

5. Missing pictures

People can fall, ask for the weirdest pose ever, photobombs can appear, but the worst of them all is when your photographer missed those moments. Nothing is worse than having no pictures to look back at that moment. Thank God, smartphones are equipped with decent cameras and Instagram highlight feature makes it easy to save those short clips.

But it will be such a shame to not have your Essex wedding photographer capture that moment! If you only both of you had a clear communication on what will happen and what pictures you specifically want.

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